Artwork for my band “War Of Low Frequency’s” upcoming single, Luftpalass. This is where i play bass and do artwork, as pure art, not a mindless production. It was a limited time frame, i am drowning in school work, but here it is:

WOLF Album CoverBlackWhite Wolf Luftpalass Cover Marius Midtbø


Notes on procedural content generation

First of all. What is procedural content generation? There is a wiki for that.

“Procedural content generation (PCG) is the programmatic generation of game content using a random or pseudo-random process that results in an unpredictable range of possible game play spaces”

These are some of my bookmarks concerning all things procedural:

The Bait:

Develop Magazine, on No Mans Sky. Just click it.

“Develop speaks to seasoned developers on why they are embracing automatic creation” Here.

The heavy stuff:

Procedural Content Generation In Games. “Book”.

Guides & tutorials:

 Tips for using procedural content in games.

Procedural audio in unity. Link.

Procedural color generation.

Hex system guide.

Procedural geometry in unity: Link

PCG in games :

Richard Garriott‘s Akalabeth (1980);

Rescue on Fractalus  (1985);
Dwarf Fortress (2002);

Minecraft (2009);

Fractal theory:

Generating cities from the bottom up. (.pdf links can be a pain)
Connecting the fractal city. Link.

Academic stuff.

Finally ordered “Cite Them Right”. A remarkable book that will uphold my “academic” charade  for at least one more week. Its really about doing something really tedious, and in most cases unnecessary. Well, Right.
Also picked up “Critical thinking skills”. Its kind of like digging a hole till you can’t get out, roll your eyes and go “Meh…”. Then keep digging.

Actually. The “academic charade” is a good idea; for the next time i move to a new country.


Clicks are properly registered and returns a correct point in 3D space.
Speed are now even over any distance.

Had to read up on Raytracing, Time.deltatime and 3D vectors amongst other things.

clickToMove(Unity Web Player)



First Post

Cooked up a quick Diablo movement/camera setup for a fellow student today.

Here(Unity Web Player)

“Click to move” stolen and modified from this page.

//Note to self, for all to see: integrate Unity.