Notes on procedural content generation

First of all. What is procedural content generation? There is a wiki for that.

“Procedural content generation (PCG) is the programmatic generation of game content using a random or pseudo-random process that results in an unpredictable range of possible game play spaces”

These are some of my bookmarks concerning all things procedural:

The Bait:

Develop Magazine, on No Mans Sky. Just click it.

“Develop speaks to seasoned developers on why they are embracing automatic creation” Here.

The heavy stuff:

Procedural Content Generation In Games. “Book”.

Guides & tutorials:

 Tips for using procedural content in games.

Procedural audio in unity. Link.

Procedural color generation.

Hex system guide.

Procedural geometry in unity: Link

PCG in games :

Richard Garriott‘s Akalabeth (1980);

Rescue on Fractalus  (1985);
Dwarf Fortress (2002);

Minecraft (2009);

Fractal theory:

Generating cities from the bottom up. (.pdf links can be a pain)
Connecting the fractal city. Link.

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